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Dear SES Parents and Students,

Happy August and WELCOME!

Summer vacation is almost over and I hope and pray that our summer activities replenished and rejuvenated our spirits. As we look forward to our new school year many speculations come into mind due to the situations we had experienced in the past years during the Covid era. But braving your way last year to open the doors of St. Elizabeth School to In-Person Learning was an achievement itself for both the Parents and the School. We are very grateful for all your support and whole hearted cooperation for the success of the past school year.

It is with great pleasure that I write this welcome letter as the principal of St. Elizabeth School. It is truly an honor to be part of the St. Elizabeth School family and community. Even though I have only had limited interactions with the faculty and parents thus far, I can already tell that it is a unique and special place that I am incredibly excited to become a part of. I come to you with years of experience as an educator and administrator.  However, I will appreciate your hundred percent support and prayers as I take on this new responsibility.  I will have a lot to learn and acculturate myself with the new system of the Department of Catholic Schools in Honolulu and the curriculum of our school.

I recognize the major role parents play in the development and progress of our children and the school. Hence, with your wholehearted support and cooperation, the accomplishment of our school’s Vision and Mission, I greatly trust that you will be our active partners in this endeavor. 

Moving forward with the School Year 2022-2023, we will bravely face the challenges that will come our way as we start classes. Our Safety Educational Plan will guide all of us as we traverse through these trying times. With your cooperation and dedicated support, together we can make it to the end of our school year! Mahalo!

Sr. Alma Amancio, OP - Principal

Sr. Alma Amancio, OP- Principal

Thank you for visiting our site. If you need any assistance please feel free to visit our office, email us at sra@steliz-hi.org, or call us at 808-488-5322

St. Elizabeth School is integral to the mission of the Catholic Church. We proclaim the Good News as we encounter the living God who, in Jesus Christ, reveals His transforming love, compassion and truth.


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